Engagement Model

Etech Technology Solutions (ETS) offers unique and functional engagement models/business models that allows easy collaboration with our clients and suits their business environment. These engagement models are designed to specifically suit the requirements and specifications of the clients and give good returns on investments. They can be easily restructured to suit business processes.

  • Time & Material model
  • Milestone based billing
  • Dedicated development facility or Retainer
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model
  • Project based pricing or Fixed bid

These engagement models suit the specific requirements of the clients and provide a good value for the money invested by the client.

Time & Material Model: This model is useful especially when the scope, specifications, and implementation plans for the software development project are not clearly defined and are complex. Businesses can benefit from this model as it allows them to provide specifications on continuous basis and provide greater flexibility to change these specifications as per the changing market. In this model, the businesses can pay as per hourly development efforts put in by the team. The projects are handled by skilled, knowledgeable, and competent software professionals who are fully committed to provide quality solutions to our clients.

Milestone Based Payment model: This model is useful for those businesses concerned for progress of the project. In milestone based payment model, there is more emphasis on the progress that is done on the projects. Monitoring of progress done on projects is crucial in this model that is helpful for businesses.

Dedicated Development Center Model: Businesses can benefit from this model as a dedicated development center is an extension of the software development center of the client. By availing the services of this model, the clients can have a dedicated equipment, resources, facility, infrastructure etc for their exclusive use. This model is beneficial for clients who want to explore the opportunities in offshore outsourcing. Clients will experience seamless cooperation and operations as we create the same IT environment, create efficient infrastructure and security systems and more at our development center. The clients can gain competitive advantage and reduce cost of software development.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model: In this model, the ETS introduces a fully dedicated and equipped center for the client that is decked with latest infrastructure and technologies. This facility can have professional staff from ETS or from client's side or staff specially hired for this facility or combination of both.

Fixed Price Model:This model is useful when the scope, objectives and goals of the project are clearly specified before starting. The fixed price model is a low-risk option and clearly outlines the deliverables, timeline and costs involved in the project. The clients can immensely benefit in terms of the reducing the overall cost of the project as they pay for the pre-established fixed price for the finished project.

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