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In today’s competitive global market, organizations are facing many challenges as they attempt to maintain and grow their existing IT infrastructures, including major roadblocks when it comes to disaster avoidance and systems scalability. Etech Technology Solutions (ETS) offers products and services that address these challenges and specializes in assisting organizations as they work to maximize the effectiveness and reliability of critical systems while at the same time reducing infrastructure vulnerabilities. 

ETS systems have the ability to deliver a unified communications infrastructure from the cloud capable of inbound, outbound and blended call flows, Click-to-Chat, Video Chat, Quality Monitoring, as well as providing a best-in-class Remote Agent Security and Productivity portal.  Service Solutions include Application and Reporting Development, Multi-Tiered Remote Desktop Support, Remote Workstation Management, Database Design, Deployment, and Administration, Network Design, Deployment, and Administration, Server Administration, and many other Core IT infrastructure functions.

ETS systems are designed to allow organizations the ability to dynamically plug into a fully redundant communications infrastructure, specifically architected for disaster avoidance, which grants businesses access to all ETS communications and productivity solutions that are subscribed to.  This flexibility allows companies the ability to access only the technology solutions that they require simply by connecting to the ETS network, which in turn gives them the ability to focus on their core competencies thereby improving productivity/profitability.  ETS simply provides the technology and allows an organization to fully manage their own infrastructure or choose to allow ETS’s experienced personnel to manage their company’s technology to any level needed.

ETS services assists their clients in achieving accelerated service delivery while maintaining cost-effectiveness by utilizing our proven global delivery model, proven methodologies, standard operating practices and change control mechanisms.  ETS works diligently to establish a partner relationship with their customers and continually seeks to understand the client’s business strategy, their market, and how ETS products and services can enhance their brand, lower costs, and increase profitability.  ETS, as a trusted advisor, may also propose and/or offer solutions to enhance capabilities for increasing utilization and productivity.

Etech Technology Solutions provides 24/7/365 “Follow-the-Sun” support to its clientele for off-shore, near-shore and on-shore facilities.  Our technical expertise provides customers with proactive and cost-effective solutions. These solutions help drive down the cost of technology while providing service and support that is among the best in the industry.

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How We Do It

  • Effective Project Management Techniques used
  • Proficient resource utilization
  • Dedicated QA teams for bug free deployments
  • 24x7 fully operational center for anytime support
  • Highly qualified technical teams
  • Continuous and incessant communication
  • More than 6+ years of experience in .net Technology
  • Completely Secured environment to protect IPR
  • Committed on time Delivery each time and every time