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QEval is an innovative Quality Assurance solution that can enhance and elevate your contact center Quality Assurance programs. Our comprehensive Quality Assurance tool captures specific metrics to provide intelligent reporting to be used in your continuous improvement efforts. With dynamic reporting functionality QEval goes well beyond merely compiling data or verifying compliance. These intelligent reports and data are actionable and can help drive agent skills improvement. Internet availability allows your agents and/or supervisors to login to QEval module anytime to perform evaluations, review evaluations, analyze up-to-date reports to drive agent skill improvements, improve service and sales conversion.


QEval is powerful and customizable software that adds great value to your contact center Quality Assurance needs every day.

  • Scalable and Customizable
  • Secure

Powerful QA features include:

  • AnyWhere Evaluations
  • Quick Call Assignment for Evaluation
  • Easy and Quick to Create Intelligent and Custom Evaluation Forms
  • Resolve and Track Disputed Evaluations
  • On-the-Fly Roster Management
  • Web-Based Dashboards
  • Options for Automated and Manual Evaluation
  • Market Intelligence Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Lets You Monitor What Matters Most
    • Overall Campaign Performance
    • Weekly Comparison of Overall Performance
    • Section Score Report
    • Weekly Comparison of Section Scores
    • Question-Wise Performance
    • Weekly Compliance Adherence Report
    • Weekly Auto-Failure Trends
    • Parameter Wise Auto-Failures Count
    • Top Auto-Failed Question by Agent
    • Agent Performance Report
    • Call-Wise Evaluation Report