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Application Migration and Re-Engineering

Application Migration and Re-Engineering

Businesses these days are largely dependent on the technology and with the increasing demand of the online buyers; internet has made it almost compulsory for the business owners to follow the technology based solutions for their customers. With the advent of the newly featured filled technology and the various associated options, business owners need to upgrade their systems at constant intervals.

Legacy application migration to newer systems or to completely re-engineer your current software solutions is indeed a very tricky situation. In order to cope up with the changing market scenarios and demands, you need to strategize your solutions to remain afloat with the competition. The team at Etech Technology Solutions aptly understands the situation and then translates your requirements into business solution while keeping in mind the latest technology and best available options for today's and future needs. We undertake Application Migration and Re-Engineering with utmost care so that the transition phase does not have any impact on your ongoing businesses. Our proven methodologies and skill-sets will ensure smooth switching from old to new system. Etech Technology Solutions delivers high performance, minimum risk solutions while transferring your legacy applications to newer systems.

Etech Technology Solutions offers following Application Migration and Re-Engineering Services

  • Application Migration to multiple platforms / technology
  • Web enabled solutions
  • Accountability
  • Adaptability
  • Teachability
  • Integrating desktop application and web based application for real time – online transaction via a common database
  • GUI changes / redesign
  • Migration to new architecture, databases or operating system

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