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Etech Technology Solutions (ETS) provides distinctive business solutions to clients across various industry verticals helping them improve business efficiency and increase revenue growth.

C# or C Sharp is a programming language from Microsoft primarily aimed at Common Language Infrastructure and when coupled with .Net framework helps to create captivating, engaging and functional web applications, software applications and unique website designs. Powerful web applications created using C# and .Net platform can help businesses improve business functionality. Web applications developed using C# and .Net platform can seamlessly integrate with any OS operating on any device.

Advantages of using C#:

  • You can easily build robust and powerful web based and Windows based applications
  • Easy upgradation of web application from legacy systems to C# allowing greater flexibility and strength
  • C# is knows for allowing fast speed of development. This leads to shorter development time
  • For prototyping a new application, C# is the fastest language
  • C# ensures developer productivity, stability and high performance of existing applications
  • You can easily and quickly develop Windows forms and Office integration using C#
  • All language specific tasks are supported by C#
  • C# is actually is an extended version of C++ which can also be used with Visual Basic

Our services:

  • Application migration from and to C#
  • Design evaluation and C# architecture
  • Desktop and Web application development using C#
  • Software product development using C#
  • Custom Application development using C#