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ICE Chat & Email



With the ICE Chat & Email interface, agents are fully capable of guiding website visitors to the most adequate answers as well as assisting them with any other needs in real time while the visitor is engaged in the "surfing" and/or purchase process. Chat sessions can be initiated by a visitor based upon company-defined rules. ICE Chat & Email will help the organization resolve issues resulting in higher productivity, greater customer satisfaction, and increased conversion rates.

Chat Features

  • Easy Integration with your website
  • Browser Based Application
  • SSL Secure Chat (HTTPS)
  • Online/Offline Status
  • Online/Offline Messaging System
  • Real-time Chat Monitoring
  • Automatic Chat Distribution
  • Online Conversion Tracking
  • Typing Indicator

Email Features

  • Auto Emails Distribution
  • Set Email limit for Agent
  • File Attachments
  • Email History
  • Multiple Email Server Configuration
  • Canned Letters
  • Predefine Email Templates
  • E-Ticket Status Options
  • IntelliResponse Integration
  • Informative Reports