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Our Partners

Etech Technology Solutions (ETS) always believe in achieving excellence and creating business opportunities and growth for clients by forging synergic partnerships with other leading companies. Our partnerships has helped us take across our competencies and capabilities in robust project management processes, unparalleled track record, rich domain knowledge, technical expertise, QA processes, professional staff etc to provide significant improvement in business efficiency, renewed customer confidence, higher revenue earnings, and unlock underlying potential for our clients. We strongly believe in co-operation and harmony for mutual benefit and establishing long-term relationship with our clients.

We are open to forge strategic alliance with companies, consultants, and service providers that is mutually beneficial and with whom we share common interests and objectives. The companies with whom we will enter into partnership can experience value added benefits to their business. Our partnership will be directed towards achieving targeted sales revenue, creating business opportunities in new markets, market each-others services and products, and complement each others capabilities. Both can work towards effective business development and achieve strategic leadership position in respective markets.

Partnering leverages the potential and competencies of both companies to achieve business growth and higher revenue.

We have partnered with some of the widely acknowledged companies listed below that are leading in their specific industry verticals.