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With fast changing market scenario and increased competitiveness, businesses need superior software products to beat the competition, drive sales, and obtain optimum ROI. Right software help businesses optimize their business efficiency, attain a strategic leadership position in marketplace, provide quality service to customers, and differentiate themselves from other competitors successfully.

Etech Technology Solutions (ETS) provides a comprehensive software product development services that spans various industry domains. Our software products are based on innovative functional ideas, fulfill client expectations and requirements, molded to easily integrate with new latest technologies, reduce cost and maximize ROI. Leveraging our commitment to provide quality product to our clients through our expertise, domain knowledge, and experience, ETS continuously strives to provide businesses efficient software products.

QEvalQEval is an innovative Quality Assurance solution that can enhance and elevate your contact center Quality Assurance programs. Our comprehensive Quality Assurance tool captures specific metrics to provide intelligent reporting to be used in your continuous improvement efforts.

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